OPPO Reno A [16 images] Photo Impressions!

OPPO Reno A body
OPPO Reno A Blue
OPPO Reno A's dual cameras
The out camera is a dual 16-megapixel (f/1.7) + 2-megapixel (f/2.4)
OPPO Reno A's mobile wallet
There is a logo mark on the recognition area for mobile wallet support, and the DESIGNED BY OPPO imprint is unobtrusive.
OPPO Reno A's OPPO logo
The OPPO logo is in the center of the lower back of the device.
OPPO Reno A body
The way it changes its expression depending on the angle of view is beautiful like a mysterious lake.
Right side of OPPO Reno A's body
The OPPO phone has only a power button on the right side of the body, same as the iPhone. There is a green line in the middle of the power button.
Top of OPPO Reno A's body
The top of the body has a small hole for a sub-microphone.
OPPO Reno A's lower body
On the bottom of the device, from left to right, there's an earphone jack, main microphone, USB TypeC jack, and mono speaker.
Left side of OPPO Reno A's body
The volume buttons and SIM tray are located on the left side. 2 nanoSIM cards can be installed and DSDV is supported. However, the nanoSIM card (SIM2) and microSD card cannot be used at the same time.
A side view of the OPPO Reno A's camera
The protrusion of the camera is inconspicuous.
OPPO Reno A display
6.4" OLED display. 91% screen occupancy.
OPPO Reno A display
Water drop shaped notch. A protective sheet is attached to the display from the beginning.
The underside of the OPPO Reno A display
Display to the bottom of the unit
OPPO Reno A's in-screen fingerprint recognition
Fingerprint recognition in the display.
View yourfones.net on OPPO Reno A
When you view yourfones.net, it fills the screen like this
Running Antutu Ver8 on OPPO Reno A
Benchmarking app Antutu version 8 scores over 192,000 in boost mode